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@Stake_Stone is establishing $STONE as the benchmark for omnichain liquidity for ETH yield-bearing, growing with new ecosystems by inviting stakers to deposit $ETH in Merlin Layer2 Seal and/or BSquared Network Buzz platforms to start accumulating coveted StakeStone’s points. This initiative expands the ecosystem and teases the potential for a governance token to shape the project's direction and earn rewards for early engagement. Don't miss out!

  • Airdrop

About StakeStone

StakeStone is a groundbreaking protocol that redefines liquidity staking by integrating mainstream staking & restaking pools, and LSD‘s blue-chip DeFi strategy yield, aimed at boosting $ETH capital efficiency by connecting to a wide range of liquidity applications.

$STONE is a liquidity staking derivatives basket (LSDb) token backed by ETH staking yield, enhancing liquidity across chains and maximizing yield earning potential for users.

How to join the StakeStone Airdrop?

Step-by-Step Guide ”StakeStone – Ecosystem Acceleration Program

  1. Navigate to either Merlin Seal or BSquared Buzz platforms.
  2. Stake your $ETH to mint $STONE to start accumulating StakeStone points.
  3. Explore yield opportunities on StakeStone and unlock rewards for locking LP.
  4. Look out for eco-campaign and incentives with Manta Network for STONE users.