• Vision to make democratic transfer of money around the globe. People from different countries face a lot of troubles when they transfer money eg: Indian people in Mexico have to pay a lot of bank fee to transfer there money so our goal is to help them get good exchange rates for there money transfer. "Lets begin the journey together".

About PToPeer Airdrop

Get 400 p2p for joining
Get 40 p2p for each valid referral

Presale is live on pinksale

Please complete the following tasks to be eligible for the Airdrop


1- Join Telegram Channel.(

2- Follow us on Twitter. (

3- Retweet @P_ToPeer.

4- Use below Contract Address to add the token in your wallet:

5- Fill in your Tweeter Username , Tweet URL and Wallet Address in Google form below:

Airdrop Details
End Date
25 Dec 2021
Max. Rewards
Estimated Value
≈ 10 USD