Bet2ken is the world’s first online sportsbook that accepts deposits of multiple cryptocurrencies.


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The Bet2ken developers created a decentralized betting platform in which users play with a shared pool of liquidity and receive winnings via blockchain. This platform offers sports betting, play to earn betting, a prediction marketplace, and P2P exchange rate betting.

Because of the transparency of procedures and the growing popularity of DAO, the decentralized platform format was chosen. DeFi offers unique opportunities to players in the gambling industry. With a decentralized protocol, betting will no longer require the use of a bookmaker. The market for DeFi projects is becoming increasingly solid, vast, and saturated, and Bet2ken will undoubtedly increase its growth and development and be entitled as a brand new decentralized betting platform, where every user will be able to observe in person all the processes previously hidden from him and receive his winnings honestly.

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