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ICO Listing Online is the largest community where people come to list their ICOs Since 2018, we are updating information about the top latest ICOs available in the market. There are a lot of ICO listing websites available on the internet but not all are safe and reliable to invest as most of them are not regularly updated.

Those investors who are interested to invest in ICO’s, They can check the ICOs ratings on our website and then can invest accordingly. As it will help them to select best Active, Pre & Upcoming ICO’s.

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What is initial coin offering (ICO)?

An ICO, or Initial Coin Offering, sometimes also called a “token sale” or “initial token offering”, is a practice of crowdfunding for blockchain projects, where a cryptocurrency or token is offered to early investors, before being listed on the wider marketplace, such as exchanges.

It is advised to do extensive research around the project before investing. This includes reading the whitepaper, working out whether the ICO provides real-world value and researching the team in detail.

Here’s how you can participate in an ICO:

  • Own the relevant cryptocurrency that the ICO is accepting as investments.
  • Make sure that the cryptocurrency wallet is compatible with the ICO token.
  • Triple check the deposit address from official sources.

What is ICO Soft Cap?

An ICO has achieved its goal once its soft cap is reached. The soft cap is a minimal amount required for the project to move forward.

What is ICO Hard Cap?

Most ICOs will also have a hard cap, which is the maximum amount that they will accept in investment. If an ICO fails to reach its soft cap, most ICOs will return funds to investors.

What are ICO Tokens?

Tokens can be defined as crypto assets issued to a company that finances a project through ICOs, which can be a payment tool (monetary unit) only in the project ecosystem that offers similar features as coins, but their owner also has other rights in the network, such as the right to vote, the right to a dividend, the right to a portion of income, and others. Tokens were created as “smart” contracts based on the Ethereum or Wave blockchain network. Tokens can be recognized as financial instruments or a commodity (or services) that can be used by the owner of tokens (utilities), depending on the characteristics of the cryptocurrency.

What is an ICO Whitepaper?

ICO Whitepaper is a document issued by an organization/company that issues tokens in order to raise funds to finance a specific project. There is no legally defined content and conditions that one whitepaper must meet. The document usually contains information about the process of issuing the tokens, information about the project that will be implemented, as well as the team that is behind the project.

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How initial coin offering (ICO) works?

An ICO begins with some kind of statement, often called white paper outlining the details of the project, the project plan, Budget and goals and some discussions about how coins or tokens will be distributed. (Usually tokens are issued to represent ownership of a project or decentralized autonomous organization, but coins are usually currency property.)

Most ICOs determine the number of tokens or coins offered before sale. Investors who buy earlier can be given preferential terms by paying a lower price per coin. But prices can fluctuate, and if more people buy, you could end up with fewer tokens.

Some ICOs have a specific purpose of fundraising and can keep the price fixed throughout their sale. Others keep the supply fixed and adjust the price based on the demand, increasing as much as possible and there are also those that provide dynamic delivery when a new coin is created when someone buys one.

Numerous ICOs are launched independently, it is managed by the issuing body on its website or platform. This happened because more reliable offers are usually facilitated by an exchange or transaction service that can allow investors certain security measures against scammers.

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What is the major Difference between ICO and IPO?

An initial public offering (IPO) is a process similar to an ICO in which an investor acquires shares in the ownership of the company. This is contrary to the ICO, in which the commercial tokens bought by financiers can add value if the business works well.

For ICOs, investors buy new cryptocurrencies with the intention of making a profit when the value increases. This is similar to an individual who earns a profit when the stock they buy on the stock exchange goes up. ICO is different from buying shares on the stock market because when you invest in new tokens, you can not share ownership of the company.

Why is ICO crowdfunding popular?

ICO is a digital crypto version of crowdfunding. It has been effectively used to fund cryptocurrencies, which nowadays are extremely successful and have raised huge amounts of funding that would never have been able to do through standard crowdfunding. Here are some of the examples of successful ICO crowdfunding projects: Stratis, Ethereum, Iota, Viberate & Edgeless

How to implement an ICO?

Crypto-currency companies wishing to raise funds through ICO need to provide some information, including the description of the project, the purpose of the project, the requirements for the investment, the part of the tokens that the company will keep, the time frame of the ICO project and the type of virtual currency accepted by the project.

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Is it worth participating in an ICO?

The main thing is to understand that you are investing money in someone’s idea, which may not actually be worth it. On the other hand, the sphere of cryptocurrency is on the rise now. This is quite a promising field for large earnings, and if you don’t want to miss the chance go-ahead today.

Investing in ICO

ICO Investments have both significant advantages and disadvantages compared to Investments is already listed cryptocurrency. Thus, skillful investors, who buy a new cryptocurrency in an ICO as early as possible, can hope for skyrocketing value increases. For example, those who invested in Ethereum ICO in 2014 made a huge profit. Within 42 days, 18 million US dollars were invested. An Ether was traded in the ICO for 30 cents. Even with the first listing on the stock exchange, investors were happy about several hundred percent increase in value. Today Ethereum’s cryptocurrency Ether is the third strongest Coin on the market and is currently traded at around $ 100.

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Advantages of ICO Investment

  • ICOs promise particularly high chances of winning
  • Anyone researching ICOs will learn about the many application potentials of Blockchain technology
  • Investors influence the design of the crypto-business landscape
  • Participation in ICOs is fairly straightforward

Disadvantages of ICO Investment

  • Many fraud cases make participation in ICOs highly risky
  • A Wallet is mandatory for participation
  • A pre-research is strongly recommended, it requires a lot of time
  • In the ongoing bear market, it is particularly difficult for Startups to establish themselves
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Here’s how you can invest in initial coin offering (ICO):

  • Selecting ICOs

To invest in an ICO, you must scroll through our website to find potentially promising projects that require funding. Once you find a list of projects where you can see your investment, you need to go to their website to purchase its tokens.

  • Purchase of cryptocurrency

Given that the ICO is held in cryptocurrencies, and not in Fiat currencies, it is necessary to exchange money for cryptocurrency (mainly Etherium).

  • Transfer cryptocurrency to the project and receive confirmation of participation
  • Getting project coins on a crypto wallet
  • Withdrawal of coins to the crypto exchange

When the prices that suit the investor are reached, the sale and fixing of the financial result are performed

ICO Sale Phases

ICO sale phases include a process which looks into the matter of raising funds as and when the digital assets are issued in the market as blockchains that are similar to shares which are best known as tokens offered at discounted price that can be exchanged for ico cryptocurrency list by early investor during the startup phase of a particular project. We provide the top ico list. Here are the three ICO Sale Phases:


However, there is no set of rules formed which decide the structure of hot crypto ico growth. At first, during Phase I, the presale and private sale are announced it is only then the Phase II starts to exchange primary listings and then comes the Phase III where the tokens are ready to purchase by the public for making more money.

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Best Upcoming ICO List:

We have an upcoming ICO’s list which is going to be active soon. We have a different section to show the latest upcoming ICOs.

Active ICOs List:

To find the best list of active ICOs, you don’t need to go through the various websites now. We provide the list which is frequently updated.

Pre-ICO List:

Pre-ICOs are cheaper and they are also a good option for faster profits. Nowadays, They are popular among investors for earning more. So, have a look at our Pre-ICO list today.

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